I’m Upset.

kuchh khaab toote hai, Kuch apne roothe hai, Zindagi haseen hai, Fr bhy ye hassi itni namkeen hai, Kuch dhundle se yaad hai, Kuch apno ke hee baat hai, Khushiyan naseeb hai, Kuch cheezein hai jo dil ke kareeb hai. 14th September 2019, Life is not a wish granting factory. Sometime your wish come true … Continue reading I’m Upset.

Till 3a.m. !

8 sept. 2019 Ever danced like insane till 3a.m. with door locked , windows packed and full bass and some friends. Your interactions with People based on the common fictional part that you shared. To make friends sometime it takes long year but somedays within an hour you'll find character like yourself. Life is an … Continue reading Till 3a.m. !


'Azadi' despite being chained of thoughts; caged by fears, dilema in the definition of freedom. Here I represent , Happy Independence Day. A great struggle or a difficult roads always leads to a beautiful destination. Isn't it ironical? Despite being freed of 72years, we are still prisoned of poverty, unemployment, crimes e.t.c. Anyway, It's Azadi … Continue reading Azaadi


Dear, Sometime all i need is escape from these artificial lights, Sometime all i wish is escape from chaotic life, Sometime i wish I would go off all my feelings and worries. I believe for a while if we escape off our unrealistic sentiments related to particular man and woman, we see this world as … Continue reading Faked.