The Continuing Lessons.

Touring on the Highway in the chilling cold. Hand melting down on the air with each blow it feels like no blood in the veins. Your voices trembling and your legs shaking but your heart has courage in adventuring. Life lessons across the long road with handful of wheels racing on it in swapping seasons … Continue reading The Continuing Lessons.

Are They just Shinning for me?

Everything in life is unpredictable. Something sometimes that might fascinate you, will may kill you later on. And sometimes you find a reason to live out of something useless and unusual. You know Dreams are the superficial things that make our hope strong and hope that gives us reason to live. Being hopeless is no … Continue reading Are They just Shinning for me?

Seeking great Journey.

Sometimes in life, you have to leave something behind for something unusual for something better. People often come to your path to teach you something or to guide you to a nuisance. Nothing in life leaves no print. Everything happens for a reason and everything gives you a point to live, smile and cheer out … Continue reading Seeking great Journey.

If it makes her happy, then it’s fine.

17th September, 2019 It'll never be easy to love someone and not to let her know. To be in love is the most beautiful feeling ever. You are experiencing the joy of riding in rain, your vision will be catching mountains and then snows and then tree covered in white and green. Most beautiful feeling … Continue reading If it makes her happy, then it’s fine.


'Azadi' despite being chained of thoughts; caged by fears, dilema in the definition of freedom. Here I represent , Happy Independence Day. A great struggle or a difficult roads always leads to a beautiful destination. Isn't it ironical? Despite being freed of 72years, we are still prisoned of poverty, unemployment, crimes e.t.c. Anyway, It's Azadi … Continue reading Azaadi