To the long lost Friend,

Whenever I go through your chats I realized How life can turn from being sweet and simple to the complicated verses that stutter the tongue while reciting. At this point, Life is messy and complicated as much as counting sand granules. You know, I have never imagined life at so uncomfortable phase where two people with the same understanding and feelings departing in different directions. Although not even departing, I feel like stuck at the point where you left me. I don’t know why but I feel like there’s something that always attracts me towards you. Something that pulling me out to start all over again but the illusion of falling defy me always. I don’t know whether you checked on me or not but I always wish to know your every day. I remember how we used to share our stories of each day late on the phone calls or sometimes on the day broad light. Although things have been changed a lot. We used to comfort each other but somehow we’re manipulating each other In those down days. And I wish you a happy and comfortable life. Good Bless you.

Kisi khubsoorat shaam ki baat thy,

Kisi anjaan si khwaab ki baat thy,

Kuch khubsoorat lamhein the,

Kuch Mulaqat ke raaz,

Is Parinde ki udaan uchi thy,

Lekin sapnon ka tu hi srf basera tha.

Kuch shaam dhali toh beqarar huye,

Jb anjaan ahaton s hairaan huye.

Jb basera chuth jayein or gham-o badal aye,

Toh kya khwaab or kya udaan ki batein ho,

Jab suraj dhalnein lge or sahil p toofan aye,

Toh kya mulaqat or kya raaz ki batein ho.

-Rehan Ahmed Khan

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