صبر کرو-

You know what life is?

People are sometime throwing stone and someday they will throw you flower and you will melt down. You know life will always be unfair to everyone. Someday you will dance till 3 a.m. and other day you may be crying under pillow ; You are not always meant to be strong someday if your eyes filled in tears then its normal you would find comfort avenger at other place too; You know moments are precious , living life in parts is always good. To be comfortable you need to comfort others; To shine you meant to radiate good deeds; To find life you need to understand life; To find Happiness you need to spread happiness; Everything you want will always be yours if you would be gentle and kind to others. The beauty of life is by mutual understanding and by mutual cooperation; No one individually build their emperor here, to have emperor you need your army standing beside you.
You know how strong you are; How politically strong you stood; How economically stable you are; Life will always put you down on your knee someday you would be crying. Your heart will swell out; No matter what happen and no matter how much you would be shedding tears. How long you would be praying and that mark at your head after procrastination embarking your faith in down days. Nothing matter stupid hamlet Your life would be better someday; Your time will come You will shine too little bird. Believe on yourself; Believe on yourself buddy; Believe on your prayer. All those prayers on prayer rug will be answered. You would be fine and you would Shine.

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