Till 3a.m. !

8 sept. 2019

Ever danced like insane till 3a.m. with door locked , windows packed and full bass and some friends. Your interactions with People based on the common fictional part that you shared. To make friends sometime it takes long year but somedays within an hour you’ll find character like yourself. Life is an amazing riddle, boxed up with fantasy and twirl and twists. You’ll never know which turn will take you to the amazing sides of a worthy story. You will never know which steps will normalise things and socialise you. You will never understand goodness behind some baddest desicions.

With time, one thing is cleared that no one can do great things alone, to establish something or to discover we need team that stands behind us. With mutual understanding and cooperations we can have great things and a very beautiful life. This world is a maze, an unending riddle; And we are slave of time. Since childhood, from chasing parents wish to fulfill our own children’s wishes, we are performing our part of slavery to exist or to settle down. To succeed, Stop thinking about i , start doing for we. You will see how softly you arrive to your destination.

Last night, I made some new friends starting with listening to their part of life we became friends. We danced like mad and we putted pastries on each other faces, share smiles and most importantly common fiction to laugh and to enjoy after bullying each other; You know simplest way to get someones affections is to listen their sides of story. Why these days bonding between parents and children are getting worst? It’s that they are not ready to listen to the children sides of story. They are busy in securing their future that they never think of what he/she is going through in present? You know loneliness are worst kind of disease. It kills you while you are alive. It breaks you while you are smiling. It can make evil out of good.

Remember, Life will always be fair to you but the moment won’t. Sometime you’ll be crying under pillow till 3a.m. and someday you’ll dance, laugh and lost. Sometime you’ll enjoy sunset but someday with each losing sun rays your heart will experience dreading fear. But the point is how bad things will come and go, at the end everything will be settle, at the end you’ll accept the thing as it comes to you. Things will come and go, things will reflect shine and sometime pain your eyes but one thing shall remain same in your pain and happiness is that it will never stay forever.

You will find a next story; You will have different plots with same character or different too but things will pass and Life goes on: Zindagi Migzara.

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