Happy Teacher’s Day

Whenever i was out of order,
And briskly, loosing my smiles,
I found no way, Quivering inside.
I got fake identity, fake mend
And i believed this
world as a worst lie!

You held my hand
made me enlighten,
With all your supports,
you carried me out of
the fainted pain.
At that time when i was
frozen and unbearable
You’re the one who gave

me wings and made me fly.

When i was low,
I didn’t know what to do? Where to go?
And then i saw you as heavenly
light, emerging as an idol
muggled within lies,
my visions was blurred.
You let the shower of good vibes upon me
And i was outshined, You showed
me a little way through foggy days,
You took my fingers in your hand,
And i noticed rustling leaves
chanting my name!

And when i was in the dark,
you introduced me to that world,
Where i shine as intrinsic star!
When i had fear of fallen down ,
you let your shoulder beneath
my feet made a long road
with no traces as well as no creaks!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

-Rehan Ahmed Khan

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